Aventa Crawler RSR

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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 1.3oz
Type: Floating

The final form of big crawler bait

The Aventa Crawler RSR is the ultimate final form of big crawler bait, converting the full-size aerodynamic body of the Aventa Crawler, which cuts through the air and grips the water, into the unparalleled super dead slow ability of the paulownia wood Aventa Crawler RS.

The one-of-a-kind rear wing setting technology developed for the Aventa Crawler RS realizes a stable straight-line flying posture with a silhouette like a retractable arrowhead that does not slice or curve in flight. It has the longest flying distance in its class and exhibits outstanding long-distance spot shooting ability. The Aventa Crawler RSR is designed to fly in a straight and stable flight position without slicing or curving, and even if it flips over when landing on the water, it automatically turns around and restores itself without wasting any travel distance. The big wing located at the very back of the lure immediately grabs the water as if it were an anchor that pierces the water as soon as the lure hits the water, realizing the ultimate super dead slow high pitch crawl with minimal movement, which is the strongest ability of a crawler bait.

At the same time, Aventa RSR has succeeded in improving its speed response capability, not only at super slow speed but also at medium to high speed (the two photos above are at medium speed retrieve).

Designed to prevent the lure from jumping out of the water or breaking the crawl, by changing its posture to plunging its head into the water during super high speed retrieve (the photo above shows super high speed retrieve at the limit)

Imakatsu's original noisy scratch mechanism is used for the base of the wing connection. Combined with the resonant effect of the hard hollow resin body, it generates a scratching sound from the metal friction that attracts bass the more you use it.

The RSR is also available in a transparent ABS model. ABS resin has a strong water push, so it is especially effective in muddy and rippled conditions.
Bone resin model, which was also used in the original Aventa, has a lighter specific gravity than ABS resin, so it is more agile to move even with a slight line tension. The crawl pitch is also 1.5 times faster than the ABS resin model.
The Aventa Crawler RSR is the final evolution of the Aventa Crawler series, a full-size big crawler bait that has been used in many of the best tournaments. Experience its unparalleled power in the field.