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Condition: New
Length: 60mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Floating

A new twist on the frog world, the Boota Frog !
Experience the fascinating splash dog walk that will amaze everyone !

Things that shake their heads easily are sliding on the water.
When you move something that is difficult to move, a special wave motion is generated and the bass's reaction changes drastically.
This is the hybrid frog designed by Kazuyuki Yabuta, the developer of the lure.
A strong splash, a strong push in the water, and a unique sound generated by the keel stimulate bass instincts, making it effective in open water as well as in Leeds front and weed pockets.
Yabuta says it's a bit of a unique control and action, but once you get the hang of it, you can move it quickly.
The BOOTA FROG has the advantages of both the pivot-type and popper-type lures, and has the unique ability to throw the lure into difficult areas such as cover, weeds, bushes, and floating debris, and to strongly entice fish even when moving a short distance inside cover.
Suitable for using PE#4 - 6 direct line and MH - H power fast to regular action rods

How to
It is extremely snagless, so it can be launched anywhere to attract fish anywhere.
Since the distance it travels is very short, you can make several splashes in a small area with one cast.
It can be used as a weapon for sight-fishing in open water by taking advantage of its short travel distance and unique sound.

The booter frog is available in no-tune from the moment you open the package.
The structure is quite complex when viewed from the back. The design collects the best of the popper type and the pivoting type. The body of the lure is tunneled from the line eye to the hook hole, which prevents water from penetrating into the water for non-stressful use. On weed mats and pads, the lure is supported by two keel points and buttocks to prevent it from falling over and getting stuck. Also, it has the advantage of being able to convey its weight to the bass just under the cover because it stands at three points.

The edgy design with its wall-like sides not only splashes the water, but also protects the hook point at the corners, which is meant to help it escape cover.

The weight is Feco compatible and fitted with a blade hanger. The hook hole is very tight, so if you want to make a long cast, you can insert a nail sinker here. The weight and position of the nail sinker allows you to adjust the floating posture.

The hook is out barbed.
This is a completely original design with Teflon coating.

#S-392 Midnight Slime (when luminescent)

Repair - How to replace the rubber skirt and hook -

replace the rubber skirt

replace the hook