Unused Dilemma POPPER

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Condition: Unused
Color: #929
Length: 60mm
Weight: 4.0g
Type: Floating

For Tournament Use Only Secret Tune Model !

A super small pencil popper with a fascinating body the size of a Dilemma, that is the Dilemma Popper.
This is a one-off tuning model that has been secretly used in tournaments. Despite its ultra-compact size, it retains the highest level of long casting performance in its class thanks to the tangsten weight placed at the rear. It is designed to be very easy to use in the field.

Smaller cups that create a realistic splash.

Tungsten weight placed at the tail end of the body.
This enables the highest level of casting distance in its class.

Tinsel attached to the rear hook is designed to distract bass from "staring at the hook". and also helps It also assists the fish to suck in the hook and increases the hooking rate.