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Condition: Used
Length: 105mm
Weight: 10.5g
Type: Floating

Tight Roll & Shimmy Rise !

The shape of the original big minnow GEKIASA 130 is modeled after the wakasagi of Kasumigaura. The shape has been thoroughly realistic. And not only downsizing and real shaping, the tight rolling action refined in GEKIASA has been made extremely fast and high-response. The shimmy-rise action, which causes the fish to rise to the surface at high speed as if it were struggling, has also been enhanced to the limit.

How to
The after-image illusion effect, in which the lure rolls at high speed in a straight line without shaking its tail, gives bass no chance to see through the lure, and the fast shimmy rise of the lure after hitting an obstacle and pausing prevents bass from seeing through the lure when it surfaces.
Despite its fixed center of gravity, it exhibits outstanding flight stability and casting distance, and can be traced in a straight line with a horizontal trajectory even on ultra high-speed retrieves in the middle layer of feeding flats at a depth of 80 cm.

The flight posture is stabilized by the ultra-low center of gravity of the main weight, and the tungsten ball placed in the rear provides overwhelming casting distance in spite of the fixed center of gravity.

Reverse tapered body cross-section that converts even the slightest water flow into a swim action.

Sharpening the tip of the lip allows excess water flow to escape, eliminating the flapping action.