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Condition: Used
Length: 130mm
Weight: 21g
Type: Floating

Casting Distance & Power Dart !

During the development of Gekiasa III 130, Katsutaka Imae was fascinated by the beauty of the form and functionality of the Gekiasa III 130 IK Jerk, and developed the Gekiasa III 130 IK Jerk independently in parallel. Imae has absolute confidence and experience with the Rebel Spoonbill Minnow, Kicker Eater, Sledge 7, and, as Imakatsu, the Pomper and Eater II Zanpu, and the Suspended Long Bill. The body power of Gekiasa III is demonstrated by Imae himself in long-building style.
Remade as a jerkbait.

How to
Imae has been looking for a lure that can be used on both pomp retrieves and jerking, as a countermeasure against mid-winter to early spring suspended big bass, and as a weapon for catching large migratory bass that have turned into minnow feeders from autumn to winter. It was the Gekiasa III 130 IK Jerk, which has a sense of size and water thrusting power comparable to a big bait, attracts bass from a wide range and even from 4m deep range with ease, and reflects it by jerking. It has a sharp enough action and body power to make you bite. By adopting a sintered tungsten ball and magnetic center of gravity shift, the lure has a stable flying posture and long casting ability, which have been the biggest weak points of longbill. Imae personally named it "Gekiasa III 130 IK Jerk" for its superior performance as a long-bill jerkbait.

Sintered tungsten ball magnet magnetic center of gravity transfer

The tungsten ball is effortlessly disengaged from the magnet when casting, and when twitching and jerking, it is set up optimally to not come off easily.

The flickering of the body and sides of the lure are flat to increase the flashing effect of the lure during action.