IK 400 RS Chaos Diver

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Condition: New
Length: 70mm
Weight: 26g
Type: Floating

It flies through headwinds and flies in a straight line, has an amazing range, a quick diving ability, a strong resistance to pressure, and an outstanding weed avoidance ability.
Birth of the "IK400RS Chaos Diver", a high pitch tight roll crank for 4 meters.

The successor to Imakatsu crankshaft, the IK300RS Chaos Diver, which took several years of development since the IK-800. The IK400RS Chaos Diver has all the basic performance of the IK300RS, but with the power-up version, which has the ability to dive into a more chaotic sanctuary of 4 meters, is the "IK400RS Chaos Diver". The IK400RS Chaos Diver has an aerodynamically designed body, with a slanted front hook-eight ring to maximise the internal air capacity of the body and increase the internal weight capacity, and a centre-of-gravity transfer mechanism that utilises the entire length of the body to move the centre of gravity, so that the IK300RS can also be used as a diver. It has a perfect straight-line flight path that surpasses that of the other models in its class and has the longest unbeatable explosive flight distance of its size.

How to
A special winding lip with a V-shaped concave water catching area, which is one of the most distinctive features of the Chaos Diver, produces a high weed snagless effect, and at the same time makes it possible to quickly dive in the water. Light enough to be reeled in at high speed all day long, despite its large size, and with a high pitch tight rolling action to show its power in slippery fields where the pressure is high.