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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 75mm
Weight: 26g
Type: Suspend

Stop and feed system crank !

During the low water temperatures of winter and spring, using minnows and shad suspending models is a It is a standard practice.
Since bass move slowly when the water temperature is low, suspending lures that can stop the movement of the lure to give the bass time to approach the lure are effective.
We have added a suspended model to the Mosaic series in order to attack the 3-4.5m deep zone, which cannot be attacked with shad or minnows.

How to
The IK-420BWK enters the productive zone in a rapid dive.
It suspends and can continue to attract bass for a longer period of time. Compared to its body size and diving depth, the IK-420BWK is light and comfortable to reel. This lightness can be used to create a reaction effect when reeling at high speeds, and can also be used to create stress in large weed areas.
Suspended crankbaits are also effective in reservoirs. Especially in reservoirs with many standing trees, bass often suspend in the sunlight and bask in the sun. Suspending cranks can stop them there and are strong in cover with a long lip. It will be effective.

Suspending model is rare for crankbaits. The depths that even deep type suspending minnows cannot reach This is where this crankbait comes in. The 300W, 380BWK, and 420BWK are system crankbaits that can be used at different depths. You can easily catch fish in the optimum range just by throwing and reeling. You can easily catch fish in the optimum range just by throwing and reeling.

Suspend models have "SUSPEND" printed on the abdomen of the body.

IK-420BWK Straight Lip

Straight lip is adopted to make the lure catch on the short weed and to hold the lure in the weed.
High sensitivity design to quickly reach 4m line and tell anglers the presence of short hard weeds and small hard bottom.

Four hooks

The Mosaic series comes standard with four hooks on the rear hook. Even when only the rear hook is hooked, which is often the case with cranks, the four hooks reduce the number of single hooks, and even when a single hook is hooked, the left and right hooks prevent the hooks from getting out of control, drastically reducing the number of breakage.

Soft Tungsten Rattle
Produces a strong wave action, but the sound quality is thick and sweet without spooking bass.           

Elastomeric Impact Sound Absorber
An elastomer is attached to the front and rear of the center of gravity shifting system to absorb the shock of the sinker. This eliminates the bass spooking sound that occurs when the sinker collides with the body.