Unused IK Spin JERK

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Condition: Unused
Length: 65mm
Weight: 4.2g
Type: Suspend

Fishing tackle plug with the highest catching power under extreme pressure !

In March 2019, just before its debut, two anglers who used it in a JB tournament suddenly won podium finishes. The IK Spin Jerk is a "fishing tackle plug" developed to eliminate any sense of fun and demonstrate the strongest fishing ability under extreme pressure. The IK Spin Jerk is a true finesse jerkbait that is different from conventional diving shad and twitching minnows. It also has a parallel swim posture that keeps the lure gently in the horizontal range for a long time without diving rapidly, thus attracting fish in the bass's line of sight. It is a powerful jerk bait that attracts large migratory bass to bite. In addition, the short bill with a different angle from the minnow type lip provides a comfortable reeling feeling. It also has the ability to trigger the bite of fish eaters without letting bass see it when retrieved in a straight line at high speed, such as just reeling or fast reeling.

Recommended tackle
・3~6 pound fluorocarbon line, spinning rod L~ML action
・Bait finesse with 5~7 pound line is also acceptable.