Unused IMAKATSU SHAD 100 Shell Laminate

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 60mm
Weight: 11.5g
Type: Floating

Flat side shad that flies far away !

The IMAKATSU SHAD series is a new type of shad plug that hybridizes the advantages of both flat side cranks and suspending shad, which are said to be effective on high pressure lakes and during low water temperatures.
The biggest weakness of flat-sided crankbaits and suspended shad is the difficulty in castability due to their flat bodies. This weakness is fatal to hard baits, which are more effective in windy conditions.
Despite its shad type, the IMAKATSU SHAD series offers casting distance and casting accuracy comparable to fat crankbaits.
Furthermore, for natural wave action and finesse jerking and twitching, a center-of-gravity fixation system is adopted to eliminate the impact noise of the center-of-gravity shifting weight that occurs during jerking.
Not only the casting distance, but also the sharp dart with minimal line noise will make you realize how well balanced the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of the IMAKATSU SHAD are.

How to

The IS-100 has a maximum diving depth of 1 to 1.5 m. Equipped with Imakatsu's unique winded lip, the action converts diving power into left-right movement, generating soft and strong waves that have priority on attracting fish.
While equipped with a winded lip, it is calculated to have excellent aerodynamics, and its distance is truly worthy of the name "flying shad".
Although it has a relatively long lip, it does not dive deeply, and its obstacle avoidance performance far exceeds that of the short bill, making it possible to attack rocky areas that were difficult to attack with conventional shad in the same way as the shallow crank.
It is also suitable for fishing in weed areas. To use it, hook it in the weeds occasionally, pause, and release it repeatedly. The moment the bait is released from the weeds, bass will react and bite.
At this time, even if the average number of bass in a small field or under pressure would end up with a short bite with crankbaits, the sharp body of the shad will not hide the hook point and bring the bass to hook up.


The non-rattling design was adopted in consideration of field conditions where pressure is easily exerted.
This allows the angler to lure bass continuously from a single spot without applying more pressure than necessary, even in small fields.

Winded Lip 

The winding lip, which has been well-received on IK cranks, is employed. Despite the long lip, it achieves a shallow diving depth, and its ability to avoid root entrapment has been remarkably improved.

The greatest feature of the IS is its specific gravity, which is set to float very slowly. Riser cranking, which takes advantage of its interest in floating objects, is achieved with a shad shape that makes it even easier to bring it to bite.

Super Long Cast & Accuracy

Despite its fixed center of gravity, the unique internal design and aerodynamic flattened body of the shad provide amazing casting distance and stability in flying in a straight line to the point.