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Condition: Used (all hook's barb are pressed)
Length: 128mm
Weight: 25g
Type: Floating

Wide-range, high-speed search splasher pencil
The fusion of plastic and metal opens up a new world !

The characteristic of the IRON MOUTH is its super long casting ability, even in a headwind, and its crisp and fast dogwalk action with a splash that makes you think the bait fish are being driven to the surface.
The IRON MOUTH is great at the wide dogwalk and low distance table turns with the splash, but it's the non-stop, high speed dogwalk action with the splash that turns on the bass' feeding instinct that is most effective.
By producing the movement and splashes of a baitfish that is being chased by a fish eater and running away from the surface of the water, the IRON MOUTH triggers the hunting and competitive instincts of the bass, which is a powerful stimulus that no other lure can match. It induces a violent surface bite.

How to
In the case of a high speed dogwalk with a splash, to keep the line from dropping to the surface immediately after landing on the water after a long throw, you should hold the rod up and give the lure a strong dogwalk.
When the lure reaches the halfway point in the casting distance, the trick is to quickly lower the rod to keep the line at an angle to the surface and manipulate the rod position to prevent the lure from jumping out of the water.
The IRON MOUTH has a large slide width, slow table turns, splashes, and high speed dogwalks in good balance.
Designed to work with fluorocarbon line, but can be used with PE line or nylon line to generate more intense splashes.

Ultra-thin high-altitude metal cup
Fast dogwalk action with a wide range of splashes and low moving distance.

The aerodynamic body is aerodynamically designed to optimize the center of gravity, resulting in an excellent straight-line flight attitude.
The fat tail shape also improves the sharpness of the pivot turn during the dogwalk action, making it easier to generate a splash even with light rod work.