Unused LOT BT100

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Condition: Unused
Length: 100mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Floating

The butterfly which calls luck.
Cut through the surface like a knife.

Natural undulation with Flashing Effects

Collaborating with Mr. Satoshi Shiose, Imakatsu is bring you the everlasting hand made lure into new generation lure. Cutting through the surface, BT100 will open up the new door to your fishing style. Over 2 decades of time, BT100 is beloved by the fishermen and hereby Imakatsu merges his skills and knowledge customizing its crazy dances like butterfly knife, natural flattering actions will attract predatory instincts of your target.
Cozy sounds made from the basic usage is slow retrieving, its roll and flashing actions will act as weaken baits on the surface.

Key features of BT100 are its flying distance and great diversity. Master piece of Japanese art of archery by Mr. Shiose, his knowledge of feather of an arrow brings you longing casting ability. Dog & Walk, splashing, Table Turns, and even Popping Sounds, acting skills are up to your rod actions.
Secret tip would be dive BT100 like one of minnow actions and give light twitches as results of panicking baits on the surface. Acting skills are endless! New LOT BT100 reborn as sophisticated Imakatsu lure.

Basic method is slow retrieving but with your tip actions, easily Dog & Walk, or even reel up slower or shaking will react as if deadly baits on the surface. Secret method would be minnow action let it shallow dive.

Deadly weaken bait roll actions. Its sharp design leads off most natural bait like design.

Front Cup Design
Lip design shows perfection of Mr. Shiose's long research, allowing various actions such as roll, dive or sliding techniques.

Thin body silhouette effectively appeal as natural flashing effect. Pin point casting can be done easily with due to its air resistance lure design.