Unused LOT BT122 Twist

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Condition: Unused
Length: 122mm
Weight: 20g
Type: Floating

The appeal of a buzzbait and a new shape for bait.
This is truly a minnow-shaped buzz !

In addition to the basic performance of the original BT100, the BT122 TWIST has been upgraded with stronger water pushing power and sound, and tuned up to target bigger fish. The weight has been increased to 20g, and the shape has been slightly changed to enable full long-distance casting with bait tackle. The Imakatsu original prop attached to the tail explodes with a vicious swish sound, and combined with the BT cup that generates a unique splashing and fluttering action, it has evolved into an aggressive lure that completely overcomes its weakness. The combination of the fluttering action and Imakatsu's original prop makes this lure even more appealing than a buzzbait by simply retrieving it straight. Despite being equipped with a big prop, the BT122 Twist can easily perform pinpoint table turns and dogwalk action, which were impossible with conventional swishers, and it has a versatile aspect that does not shy away from the name of the BT series, which is characterized by its wide range of usable techniques.

How to
When just reeled in, it produces a noisy swish sound from the cup and also from the devil prop, attracting bass to a wider area and making them bite with its unique flash fluttering action. It can be used like a buzzbait in large areas such as rivers, weed flats and reservoir backwaters.
In small areas, we recommend using it with a short twitch after a long pause.

Secret Tuning
Each part of the BT-122 is removable, so you can make various original tunes.

(1) If you remove the Heaton-type prop, you can enjoy the natural minnow-like action of the original BT-122. Try it when the pressure is high.

(2) If you remove the threaded BT cup, you can use it as a tail spin ripping minnow. It can also be used as a top minnow tune by setting the lip in the cup groove using a polycarbonate plate.

Front Cup Design

Lip design shows perfection of Mr. Shiose's long research, allowing various actions such as roll, dive or sliding techniques.

Devil Prop

In addition to the fluttering action with strong flashes, the Devil Prop adds a twisting motion to the tail.

Remove the prop and you have a normal BT122

If you remove the heaton from the rear hook and remove the devil prop and cup washer, you can use it as an upsized version of the BT100. This is ideal for situations where you want more distance but less appeal.