Mogulla Moth Chatter Wing Dragon 3/8oz

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Condition: New
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Sinking

Cover capture type next-generation Mogulla Chatter
The cry of Mogulla Chatter, which was good at guiding the bass to the empty middle class, is a tough situation where the bass does not come out of the cover for some reason. There was the fact that the weak point of Mogulla Chatter with exposed hook was extremely weak for contact with the cover, especially for laydown, reed system, tetra, etc. On the other hand, Mogulla Chatter was designed with a guard hole into which a brush guard can be inserted, but it was nothing but a backward-looking supplement that impairs various functions unique to Mogulla Chatter. Four years after his debut, Mogulla Chatter has spent a great deal of time overcoming this weakness. And during the test phase of Alabama chatter,
we happened to get a big hint of the strongest cover contact Mogulla Chatter. One of Mogulla Chatter's most prominent users, Katsutaka Imae, has made a perfect balance by repeating cover avoidance performance and hooking test for a year.

How to use
Mogulla Chatter Wing Dragon has a powerful stunning action by setting two Imakatu "Needle Shad 3 inches, Flash Needle 3.5 inches" on the wing arm, along with crisp staggering action with a large blade with ultra-thin high specific gravity It demonstrates.And we have acquired full contact ability that can be used as boldly as spinner bait to cover the complicated cover that was difficult to pass through the Mogulla Chatter. Of course, even if nothing is attached to the wing, it will show the ability to match the original as a full contact type Mogulla Chatter. In this case, the dedicated blade is more powerful than the original, making it a particularly good model for slow rolling in slow retrieves.

Mos Blade for Wing Dragon
In order to generate optimal staggering with the trailer set in the wing arm, it has a power design that is higher than the original.


Wing Arm
Needle shad 3 inches on this arm.
If you set the flash needle 3.5 inches, It exerts a powerful fish collecting effect. Because it became stronger to the cover,
It was difficult with the original mole chatter, bush and submerged plants like spinner baits. It is possible to pass it.