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Condition: New
Length: 45mm
Weight: 8g
Type: Floating

Oversized hook for quick capture of super shallow cover
Small cover crank “RUNVOLT 80V”

Review of the conventional IK crank series from the ground up, more in line with the times, more suited to the field situation
Updated basic performance.
An absolute staple that everyone can use for a long time,
With the ultimate aim of unparalleled stable fishing results, Imakatsu's unique new crankbait series
It runs through the water with vibrations that are numb like "blitz"
This is a new imakatu crank RUNVOLT series.

The second version, RUNVOLT 80V, has a maximum dive depth of 0.8m. To capture Shallow more aggressively than 120V,
Coach lip shape with excellent cover avoidance is newly adopted for Imakatu's unique winding lip.
The lure does not rotate even when winding early with a complicated shallow hard bottom like a stone spread,
It is possible to attack the sticky as if licking the cover.
Also, the soft and powerful wobble roll action peculiar to the winding lip with little action change even on thick lines (same as 120 V),
Following a nearly horizontal swimming posture that maximizes the afterimage effect. An unnatural rattle sound was suppressed by adopting a fixed center of gravity.
Despite its small body size of 45mm, it maintains an aero-balanced flight attitude and demonstrates best-in-class long-distance throwing ability.
Equipped with an oversized hook on a small body, you can also exchange with confidence in the violent fight of the big bass when covering.

Coffin shape long winding lip
Biting into the shallow bottom for high-speed straightness and high cover avoidance

Low center of gravity semi-fixed weight
It is not completely fixed, but the clearance inside the lure and the weight
By setting, the sound and knocker sound at the time of action raise. Lower center of gravity also improves balance restoring force when contacting cover
It also helps to avoid cover.