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Condition: Used
Length: 57mm
Weight: 14g
Type: Floating

Cover crank in the 2.5m range

The "DECEM" is a scare bait that covers the 2.5m range, the most frequently fished range, and was developed mainly for suspending migratory huge  bass. It has a slightly large wobbling action and a random staggered action with a hook beat system that triggers big bites, and it has a light feel and castability that allows you to pull it around all day with a high gear reel without getting tired.
The lure's fixed center of gravity design provides a stable swimming posture and the Hook Beat System helps the lure recover quickly from imbalance. The lure's unique start-up action, as if licking the bottom line without being bounced by vanishing wave blocks or hard bottoms, will take you to a new level of cover cranking.

How to
The SCAREBROW DECEM can be used to attack hard cover in the 2.5m range, such as riprap and piles, which have been difficult to attack with conventional crankbaits.
The biggest feature of this lure is the Hook Beat System, which creates a staggered action when the blade contacts the front hook. The Hook Beat System, the most distinctive feature of the lure, creates a staggered action when the blade contacts the front hook, which attracts bass even in open water.

Hook Beat System (PAP.P)

The blade attached in front of the front hook comes into contact with the front hook and the regularity of the hook is broken.
This mechanism causes the hooks to lose their balance and generate a staggered action.
At the same time, it protects the front hook from the snagging.
Since the snagless and staggered actions are shared, the staggered action occurs the moment the lure leaves the cover and enters open water. This will trigger a bite. It is also an important part for appearing in terms of metallic sound and flashing.