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Condition: Used
Length: 48mm
Weight: 8.8g
Type: Floating

Cover crank of another dimension

Small in size, but flies well, with a rare high-speed, high-pitched wobbling action. The footwork of the lure, as it dodges and dodges through all types of structure, will impress anglers who use it for the first time. The angler who has never cast a crankbait before will be impressed by the action of this lure.
Wave dissipating blocks, rocks, boulders, stamps, laydowns, and steel structures, and even ropes floating on the surface of the water. This lure clears with a high probability of success.
It is a cover crank that can be comfortably cranked. The most distinctive feature of this lure is the braid on the back side of the lip. The staggered action that is created when you leave the structure to avoid cover. The kicking motion that occurs as soon as you enter open water Needless to say, this is a bite trigger for finicky bass. It is no exaggeration to say that the The mechanism of the Braid type staggered inducement system (Hook Beat System) The combination of snagless and staggered action is a feature that has not been possible with crankbaits up to now.
It promises a new style of cranking.

How to
The basic usage is to simply throw it into cover and reel it in.
This crankbait can boldly attack hard cover such as rip-rap, piles, and piles, which have been difficult to attack with conventional crankbaits. The Hook Beat System, the biggest feature of this crankbait, creates a staggered action when the blade makes contact with the front hook, attracting bass even in open water.

Hook Beat System (PAP.P)

The blade attached in front of the front hook makes contact with the front hook, causing the hook to lose its regularity and balance, resulting in a staggered action. At the same time, it also serves to protect the front hook from being caught by roots. Because it shares the staggered action with snagless, the staggered action occurs the moment the bait leaves the cover and enters open water, triggering the bite. The metallic sound and flashing are also important factors that appeal to bass.