Slam Dog Monster

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Condition: New
Length: 145mm
Weight: 40g
Type: Floating

Built-in high-toned metallic sound that will make even the most wily and cautious Florida bass snap !
Powerful dog walk with strong thrusting power !

Although it has a big body of 145mm and 40g, it is a big pencil bait specially designed for monsters, with light operability that does not cause fatigue even when used continuously for a long time, strong water thrust and a metallic cracker sound that Mr. Kurosaki has carefully selected to attract fish.
It performs best with 18-20LB low elongation nylon line and a 7ft class regular taper MH action rod, but it can also be used with 14LB or so fluorocarbon line for jigs and big baits and a H-action fast taper rod without special tackle. The Slamdog Monster is also characterized by its depth of nostalgia, which allows it to be used flexibly and stably.
The metallic sound and splash of the lure as it dog walks at high speed from the water's surface to the boat's edge attracts bass to react to the lure with its strong appeal. It is a big pencil bait that can float and bite bass even from mid-range with its cool and clear sound.

Suitable tackle :
Around 7 feet MH to H action bait rod, around 14LB fluorocarbon or 18 to 20LB nylon line