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Condition: New
Length: 160mm
Weight: 70g
Type: Floating

Bluegill-type big bait "Gantarel" that stimulates the instinct of fish. Of course, if you are predating on a bluegill, you can bring out the attack instinct of the bass and bring it to a bite even if it is not. Basically, only slow retreive is OK, but it is also effective to add rod action so that it hits around the cover. And when you can't reach the bite only by chase, if you add a twitch during retrieve, you will make a large turn of 180° or more. Bass surprised by this “turning turn”, as if threatening the opponent, will use his mouth reflexively. It is also a characteristic of Gantarel that there are many intense bites that can be caught. Please experience the powerful bite scene.

Pectoral fins on both sides

Improves swimming stability and controls turning over when jerking. The slightly angled pectoral fins act as a lip and allow the lure to dive to a maximum depth of 1m.

Bearing swivel line eye

Drastically eliminates line sagging caused by rotation during casting.

Swivel Hook Eye
Swivel hook eye design to reduce breakage.

Eye at the end of the tail

Can be customized by wrapping feathers around it or attaching an assist hook, depending on the angler's ideas.

Three joints

It swims smoothly with a fine pitch S-stroke action and can be used for cranking. Although it is a multi-jointed plug, it can be turned 180 degrees by rod work.