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Condition: New
Length: 200mm
Weight: 5.4oz
Type: Floating

Full size bluegill type big bait !

"GIGANTAREL"With a length of 200mm and a weight of 5.4oz, the GIGANTAREL is one of the largest bluegill-type big baits.
In recent years, it is already a well-known fact that there are many individuals that prey on large baitfish that exceed 200mm in size.
There are many fish throughout the country that can serve as bait fish for monster bass, such as adult bluegill, juvenile elasmobranch and carp. Therefore, it is inevitable that the GIGANTAREL was born.
The strong impact of its large flat-sided body and the smooth S-stroke action of its triple jointed body stimulate the predatory instincts of clever monster bass.
The large turn of more than 180° that can be made by twitching, inherited from the GANTAREL untarel series, is still intact.
The trajectory of the "swinging turn," which is the largest in the series, has become even more effective in producing reaction bites. The action that only the GIGANTAREL can produce.
There are monster bass that can be caught only with GIGANTAREL.
The joy of catching a bass with GIGANTAREL is irreplaceable. You will feel a sense of satisfaction that cannot be replaced by anything else.
The GIGANTAREL is the big bait for anglers who want to challenge the monster bass.

Pectoral fins on both sides

Improves swimming stability and controls turning over when jerking. The slightly angled pectoral fins act as a lip and allow the lure to dive to a maximum depth of 1m.

Bearing swivel line eye

Drastically eliminates line sagging caused by rotation during casting.

Swivel Hook Eye
Swivel hook eye design to reduce breakage.

Eye at the end of the tail

Can be customized by wrapping feathers around it or attaching an assist hook, depending on the angler's ideas.

Three joints

It swims smoothly with a fine pitch S-stroke action and can be used for cranking. Although it is a multi-jointed plug, it can be turned 180 degrees by rod work.

All three sizes