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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 21g
Type: Sinking

Sinking model for increased casting distance and deeper range !

The lip is set at the leading edge of the body. By setting the top eye directly on the lip, the lure captures the water firmly and swims with a quick rise. The fin keel set on the back of the lip moderately suppresses rolling, creating a tight wobbling action with a 50-50 mixture of rolling and wobbling. When the lure loses its balance due to changes in the current, the water hits the fin keel hard, creating a sliding action that adds irregular action to the lure's swimming motion and attracts the target. The lure is designed to have a comfortable swimming action to explore the range of 40-120cm widely and stably.

Three 5mm-diameter tungsten balls move to the tail part of the lure when casting, pulling the line out of the spool at once while maintaining the initial speed and making it fly. The fin keel on the back of the lip acts like an arrow feather, preventing the lure from collapsing in flight and improving the average casting distance.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary minnow, but the lip also hides the unique structure of the HI-STANDARD.

By using a fin keel behind the lip, it is possible to generate a unique action.

The voluminous body is another feature of the HI-STANDARD.