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Condition: New
Length: 125mm
Weight: 20g (excluding hooks and rings)
Type: Floating

JINPEN, which targets a wide range of fish, realized utmost casting distance, with a stable flying posture due to the back-centered and fixed gravity.

JINPEN float vertically. As you can see, it has relatively round back shape, and this shape enables it to move irregularly as if it is a little fish escaping. Because of the glittering body, fish can’t stand refraining from biting the lure even when they are not active. What’s more, JINPEN can both make a splash and high-quality sound, like a real fish, thanks to the cup-mouth structure, so that means JINPEN is not only for top water hitting fish but also for the fish waiting in a deep range.

NEW!! Diamond glitter!
How it shines under the cloudy weather or inside of a building. It shines, but still is not the authentic shine it has.
How it shines under the sunlight. Each one of the diamond glitter reflects the sunlight and shines intensely.
The authentic shine only is seen in the sunshine. Give it a try!

As JINPEN is a diving pencil, you don’t need to do the walk-the-dog. It is easy to dive and make the bait-like action with just a little twitching technic.

JINPEN uses high buoyancy material, high density resin (E.P.S). Because it is a through wire type, it is designed to be safe even for big fish.

Recommended hooks for 125mm JINPEN (You can arrange the ways as you like.)

3 hooks: ring #3 ST-46 #6 for front and end, #8 for middle
2 hooks: ring #4 ST-56 #2 for front and end

3 hooks: ring #3 SP-MH #6 for front and end, #7 for middle
2 hooks: ring #4 SP or RB #2 for front and end
Recommended hooks for 105mm JINPEN