WAKEYBOO 86 Limited Color

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Condition: New
Length: 86mm
Weight: 22g
Type: Floating

The WAKEY BOO is now available in 86mm !

Akabeko has been called "the cow to ward off bad luck" or "the cow of good luck" in the past, and has been loved by the people of Aizu. When smallpox broke out in the Aizu area a long time ago, families who had Akabeko did not catch the plague, so it is said that Akabeko is still used as a good luck charm to ward off bad luck.

The black circles on the body mean that when smallpox, which was feared as a plague in the past, spread, the cow was asked to carry the disease instead. The three lines on the back represent longevity!
It is a size that is easy to eat and easy to use throughout the year, regardless of tackle or location.
The ultra-high buoyancy of the fat body creates an overwhelmingly strong push in the water, which results in a fascinating action in the slow range that is unique in its class. The lure has a lustrous rolling action just below the surface of the water from ultra-slow retrieve, a wobbling action as the retrieve speed increases, and an intense wide wobbling action at high retrieve speeds. The calculated range of motion of the weight makes it act like a low-pitched rattle as it moves. This makes its presence known to fish eaters in the distance and appeals to fish in a wide range of layers from shallow to deep.

How to
The basic use is to reel it in at medium speed in the range from the surface to just below the surface. With a quick retrieve change (reel operation), the lure has an unpredictable sideways sliding action that makes you think it has warped. This warp action can be used to force a switch on sea bass that will not use their mouth no matter what you do. Pay attention to the sensation in your hand, and control the retrieve speed according to the current in each field.