Unused shiriten VIBE 80 Silicon Material Vibration

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Condition: Unused
Length: 80mm
Weight: 28g
Type: Sinking

Ultimate Vibrations

Moderately soft solid silicone body and laser cut through wire
"Biological and lively live action" has a tremendous effect on the fish.
Fins on the back and abdomen generate high pitch & tight vibration,
Maintains a nearly horizontal, constant swimming posture without breaking the balance during fast retrieve.
The solid body and built-in weight boast outstanding castability,
"Strong water push with biological vibration" unique to high-density silicon body
In addition, it has a silent design that is strong against threads that suppress even needle sounds.

Reducing body size and increasing weight (28g), the shiriten VIBE 80 has an overwhelming flying distance and sinking speed, which is especially effective in harbor areas

What's the GINPUN color?
Differs from plating and holo, similar to anchovy
Demonstrate the power of threats by flashing.
It has a high potential to overcome threads and tough conditions,
It is considered the strongest color of the current day game,
Even in night games, it attracts targets with its unique brilliance.