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Used Sol Azula ATULA

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Condition: Used
Length: 120mm
Weight: 35g
Type: Sinking

The "ATULA" was developed to faithfully produce the sardine, a weak link in the food chain in nearby waters.
This lure has been developed with the hope of capturing those rare boil opportunities.
Pursuing the form of a sardine, which is essential for catching tuna and yellow tail that are very sensitive to bait size and silhouette, the lure has a straight shape to minimize air resistance, and the weight has been placed as far as possible to achieve long casting performance and stable flying distance.
When twitched, it reproduces the movement of a sardine being separated from the school and fleeing left and right, leading migrating fish to feed.
The level sinking setting appeals to the desperate movement of dying fish on the fall.
The lure sinks slowly and weakly, confusing the target's vision.
The possibilities of the ATULA are endless for both shore and offshore fishing.