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Sol Azula SARDINA 127F

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Condition: New
Length: 127mm
Weight: 18g
Type: Floating

A shallow minnow imaged from mullet fry to autumn main bait, sardines and garfish.
The biggest feature is that there is little cast unevenness. The lip shape, which is smaller than the body, makes it less susceptible to wind and air resistance. A few meters more to the range!
It boasts the best flight distance in the 12cm class.
The other is that it is strong against horizontal flow. Produce the same action and trajectory, regardless of user or location. In addition, the fact that it is strong against horizontal flow has the advantage that it can be pulled early.
The balance is exquisite with the body size that has been knocked out from the hook size.
In normal use, it can trace up to 60-70cm depending on the retrieve speed around 30-40cm.