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Unused Mangrove Studio x STRIKE PRO Baby BUSTER

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Condition: Unused (scraches on the head area)
Length: 100mm
Weight: 24g
Type: Floating

Strike pro brand that has earned the trust of Europe. "Buster jerk" that they made with Swedish CWC. It has had tremendous effects on a wide variety of targets in each country. The Mangrove Studio tuned up the plug and hooks to match the Japanese field with this plug.
In a straight retrieve, a swimming action that draws a fluttering and S-shape. Also reacts quickly to twitch. Long sliding to the left and right, combined with a large flat surface, the flushing effect is enormous. With a stable flying attitude, it boasts outstanding long cast performance.
Sea bass, of course, if the hook is made a thick axis, it will be effective in offshore games such as mahi-mahi and tuna.