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Condition: New
Length: 140mm
Weight: 64g (without hook / Recommendation Size #1/0)
Type: Level Sinking
Split ring: Hercule oval ring (Maria original) #8

A pencil bait that has crossed the wall of plastic material and reached the area of ​​wood material is "LOADED".
The highly responsive body design and the shape that emphasizes water entanglement produce a diving S-shaped action, walking action, and bubbling action that can not be thought of as plastic, appealing its presence even to targets lurking tens of meters below.
The flight distance obtained from a stable flight attitude is also outstanding, and even if the wind wave interferes, you can fly without stress, and the number of times you can make contact with the target will increase.
We hope that many anglers will thoroughly enjoy the masterpiece "LOADED", which is a fusion of the virtues of wood materials and plastic materials, packed with Maria's tradition and technology.