SUPER-Z Z2 Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New

Length: 53mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Floating

The ZII, commonly called "Zetsu" by the development team, is a versatility model with high-pitch drive over a wide range, from mid-range to shallow wide areas. It has a "hard contact biill" with a structure and design that is designed to convey contact with structure more clearly to anglers. The lure's "instant posture recovery" after contact with obstacles or bottom, and its "traceability" that keeps it in dense contact with all kinds of bottom are impressive. In the past, it took two sizes of body volume (required air volume) to achieve the same contact performance, but the Z II achieves overwhelming bite and followability to structure and bottom in an incredibly compact size. The ZII is the ultimate searching master, designed to increase the resolution of visualization so that anglers can more easily visualize the blind materials that come into contact with it.