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Condition: New
Length: 113.5mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Sinking

High-performance spoon that realizes all methods at a high level !

On steady retrieves, the wide wobbling action can be felt in the hand, allowing the angler to maintain the desired tracing range. Even in fishing areas dotted with a wide variety of points, the lateral action attracts fish scattered over a wide area.
On the lift-and-fall in pin-spot deep areas, the lure shows a vivid rising rolling action and an irregular high pitch roll action fall. The intense flickering action in low light depths will make lurking monsters use their mouths.
A rolling swivel is also included as standard equipment to make fishing with spoons more comfortable, which has inevitably caused many problems due to thread strain. A front hook has also been added to alleviate the frustration of getting a bite but not getting on the hook.
Whether cast, reeled, or stopped, this secret spoon boasts an overwhelming strike chance.