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Condition: New
Length: 77mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

Powerful 77mm body !
A different dimension of water push hits the fighting instinct of big bass !

The BIG GABOT is an upsized version of the Pony GABOT that was born from a strong request from MOA pro staff. It has the same catamaran mouth for easy action as if you were moving a POPX, but with upgraded parts. The skirt has been placed farther back from the body to create a more rearward center of gravity than the original GABOT. A new hook groove has been added at the point of contact between the body and the hook to prevent the hook position from moving during the action. The internal structure of the lure has also been reviewed and wire parts have been added. This allows the hook to move more flexibly when interacting with the fish after hooking, reducing the risk of breaking the hook.
Of course, the increased total weight makes it possible to cast lightly even with thick PE line. In addition, the larger body size amplifies the water push to the mat, appealing to big bass.
The BIG GABOT has a greater "presence" than the original model and stimulates the fighting instincts of big bass.

Catamaran Mouth

"Catamaran Mouth (D.PAT.P)" realizes a dog walk with less over roll that hinders hook set.

The original hook is designed to dodge floating cover and to hook with high probability. Realizes a stress-free approach to heavy cover.

The tail skirt is placed behind the body and hook. By separating it from the body, interference is prevented and action and hooking are not hindered.

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