Unused CUTVIB 55 Heavy Weight

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Condition: Unused
Length: 55mm
Weight: 13g
Type: Sinking

Switch on eating mode !

Conventional vibration lures have a forward-tilted swim posture because the head or the entire body of the lure receives the water current and acts on the lure. Sea bass often bite from the range below the lure, or from side to front, and the head or body of a vibration with a forward-tilted swim becomes an obstacle, resulting in missed bites and poor hooking. Therefore, Megabass has succeeded in attaching a mouse that acts as resistance and keeping the lure in a horizontal position when swimming. This horizontal high pitch swim action increases the hooking rate to the front hook and drastically reduces missed bites and hook out.
The action is tight and super high pitch. It is appealing yet does not cause discomfort to selective sea bass. The Cut Vibe has high range keeping power at all retrieve speeds, slow or fast. Discover the unique power of the CUTVIB.

The thin body, like the edge of a sword, produces a tight, high-pitch action. Produces a strong flashing action, making it ideal for day game.

This mouse acts as resistance and creates a horizontal, high-pitch swim action that overcomes the weakness of the vibration.

The weight balance has been studied to eliminate rotation during casting, which is common with vibrations. This has improved castability and drastically reduced tailing.