DEAD SLOWL 7in / 5in

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Condition: New
Length: 7inch , 5inch
Weight: 1-2/9oz , 5/7oz
Type: Sinking

Super Shallow & Dead Slow Retrieve Model

The MAGSLOWL is the opposite of the Magdraft, and has a very simple action. It does not shake its head, but swims with a thinly shaped tail that swings from side to side to approach fish in an extremely natural way. The DEADSLOWL is a super shallow lure with a dead slow action. It is a dead slow swimbait with a horizontal swimming posture, a body design that pursues the action response inherited from the MAGSLOWL, and an ultra thin shaped tail that appeals to fish that have slowed down.


Internally equipped Neodymium magnet secures hook in ideal position from cast through retrieve. Securing the hook along the belly minimizes water resistance and visual profile, while also allowing the magnet to work as a weight balancer for smoother, more natural and realistic swimming action.

Sensitive tail section responds to the slowest retrieve speeds

Feathered treble hook reduces body wobble

DEADSLOWL is equipped with a long feathered treble hook to stabilize swimming action and further hide trebles from sight, especially during long, slow retrieves. Long feather also adds extra visual appeal. All colors come standard with white colored feather hooks.