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Condition: New (Some color's label on the box are faded.)
Length: 77mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

This time, the deep monster falls prey to the super-fast flickering !

The Flap Slap is a flat-sided crank bait that increases its catching power the slower and tougher it gets, and has become a special function for many Megabass anglers, producing solid results. The Diving Flap Slap has a specially shaped diving bill that allows it to hit deeper ranges than the original Flap Slap. The ultra-fast flickering flashes that are released in a wide range of water depths from 2.2m and shallower have a completely new impact that no flat side lure has ever been able to create. By using the Flap Slap to crank the flat side of the lure, you will be able to increase the number of your attacks. It is a systematic cranking bait that will surely increase your catches.