Unused DOG-X SLIDING 2002

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Condition: Unused
Length: 80.0mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Floating

Pencil baits for catching !

Megabass lures are constantly evolving. The DOG-X, a super long-selling pencil bait, is no exception to this rule, and has been boldly tuned to keep bass from scooping it up and being spotted in the tough topwater stages of the 21st century. The sliding model uses a tungsten weight to concentrate the mass of the center of gravity in the meticulous rear tail section to further increase the speed of its high speed sliding from side to side with high stability.


When the action starts, the moving weight in the abdomen slides to both the left and right sides using the weight in the tail as a fulcrum. The inertia of the moving weight makes it easy for anyone to enjoy dog walking with ease.