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Condition: Unused
Length: 77mm
Weight: 13g
Type: Slow Floating

Flickering effect caused by rolling and fluttering action

The rare masterpiece "FLAPSLAP" is equipped with a new-generation center-of-gravity instant shift system "LBO II. Its amazing rolling and fluttering action has swept the world's fishing fields with overwhelming success. The center-of-gravity balance is achieved by coaxially synchronizing the axis of the roll action with the center of force and the point of action, resulting in a dramatic improvement in castability due to the instantaneous center-of-gravity shift.
FLAPSLAP is exquisitely synchronized with tall baits such as horse mackerels that inhabit the waters around Japan and are preyed upon by bay seabass. The wave motion and flash impact, which cannot be produced by ordinary minnows, bring about feeding magic in another dimension.


Shaft-less design compared to the conventional LBO, further improving center-of-gravity shifting efficiency and lowering the center of gravity of the weight. This improves flying distance and swimming performance.