Unused FLAPSLAP SW HIIRAGI YAMAHA Limited Color 2005

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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 77mm
Weight: 3/8oz

Pendulum Action !

The FLAPSLAP, with its amazing fighting ability, has opened up a new world of fishing, not only in the bass world, but also in the bay area for sea bass, showing a completely new fishing ability that cannot be obtained with the conventional minnow game. The I.T.O. is based on the FLAPSLAP and has a reinforced body shell for use in the Gulf Coast game where man-made structures are shot tightly. The crankshaft balancer PAT.P inserted inside has a thicker shaft (φ3.6mm) to increase weight in consideration of the specific gravity of seawater, in contrast to the φ3.2mm shaft used for bass game. FLAPSLAP SW "Hiiragi" has been thoroughly tuned up as a secret model exclusively for saltwater fishing in order to bring out dynamic and stable action as good as that of tidal moving. What attracted us to the FLAPSLAP SW Hiiragi in our test fishing was its feeding impact, as it was able to bring out the type of seabass in day game that could not be caught with conventional minnows. It has a strong feeding impact. The realism of the bait as well as the unique wave motion and flash impact that minnows could not produce. This is the feeding magic of another dimension that only FLAPSLAP can bring out in a major field that has been pounded day in and day out.