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Condition: Unused
Length: 52mm
Weight: 4.3g
Type: Sinking

The Flying X,
a trigger bait that causes boils, is born !

FLYING-X is a trigger bait that spontaneously generates boils with its rising action that jumps on the surface of the water.
Just by retrieving it with the rod upright, it creates an unpredictable de-orbit action on the water surface. It instantly brings highly active shallow water bass to bite and stimulates the predatory instincts of clever bass. In addition, the lure's overwhelmingly long castability, which allows it to shoot through hot spots, enables it to be used for ultra-long distance bombardment.
The FLYING-X forcibly raises the activity of neutral fish scattered over a wide area.
It is a new kind of feeding bait that never existed before.

How to use

Just stand the rod up and make a medium to fast retrieve, and the lure will bounce around while meandering from side to side.
The angle of the rod and retrieve speed will vary depending on the situation and tackle, so please adjust the angle and retrieve speed accordingly.