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Condition: Used
Length: 60.0mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

The Funky Flipper, a crank that evolves the subsurface game, is born !

Funky Flipper is a sub-surface crank with threatening action stability and high hooking performance.
Its unique body form, made possible by a special design that divides the body into upper and lower sections, allows it to handle any retrieve speed from dead slow to super fast. It can be traced on the sub-surface (0-40cm) without ever jumping out of the water, making it an excellent search bait for vast shallow flats. The front hook eye uses a screwed-in heaton that has established sufficient strength. By limiting the range of movement of the hook, interference between the lip and hook is prevented. In addition, a large hook (#2) is mounted on the front to greatly improve the hooking rate.
The Funky Flipper has a neon core plate placed horizontally. This creates an outstanding flickering effect downward, appealing even to lurking fish.
With its funky appearance and solid performance, the "Funky Flipper" will take your sub surface game to a new level.