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Condition: New
Length: 55.0mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

The small fist that changed the world has been made even smaller for wild ponds

Since its debut, the KNUCKLE 60 has shown unprecedented catching power, and now comes a long-awaited downsized model. However, this model is not just a downsized version. After repeated testing, designer Yuki Ito has come to the conclusion that the action has been drastically changed. While the original was mainly rolling, the Junior is mainly wobbling. This was because he felt that the smaller size would make the rolling action less appealing and slightly less effective in attracting migrating bass. Based on this, Ito started to rethink the body design, and changed from a flat side that flickered heavily when rolling to a round shape. In addition to creating a strong wave action, the lure has been reborn as a small but highly appealing lure by mixing in staggered waves. In other words, we have created a lure that is a brother to the original, but has a completely different face.
This lure has the same appeal as the original lure, but with a smaller body.
It can be used as a belly strong lure in both large and small areas.

Equipped with FX system
Front and rear hooks: Katsuage #6

It is equipped with the familiar multi-way transforming lip, which has a diving depth of 30cm in Ft.1 mode and 90cm in Ft.3 mode, enabling it to capture shallow water in wild ponds.

The body design has been changed from flat side to round to achieve strong wave action and high buoyancy. The shape of the tail has been narrowed to create a strong kick even in a small size.

Although it is a tiny crank, it has a sufficient weight of 3/8oz. It can be cast with the same F4 class rod as other cranks. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind.