FX6.6 SW

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Condition: New
Length: 66mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Suspend

Minnows need to be realistic. However, when creating an injection minnow, it is necessary to find a balance between form and action that will produce distance. As a result, the final packaging tends to be standardized. All minnows are somewhat similar. Megabass minnows are designed to have the flashing and supple swimming action of small fish, as well as the panic action of fish eaters when they are feeding. As a result, the X-80, VISION95, ONETEN, X-120 and 140 have all been created with Megabass' unique realistic packaging. Megabass believes that Nippon's small minnows need to be more on the flat side. We believe that Japanese minnows need to be more realistic than ever. With the birth of the spin-drive unit, we also came to the conclusion that small minnows with a slim native design should fly more. The FX6.6 is a 66mm flat-sided minnow that has produced amazing results in testing. It is a minnow of the near future that will drive all fish eaters, including bass, large trout and sea bass, crazy.