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Condition: Used
Length: 90mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating


The FX series are real flat-sided minnows created by the sensibility of Japanese craftsmen.
The FX9 is equipped with the "Variable Resistance Flap Bill PAT.P" that flaps the lip when cast, reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing casting distance. This makes it possible to realize a long shot that overturns the conventional wisdom of lightweight slim minnows. Furthermore, the flap bill changes according to changes in the water flow during a jerk, creating an unpredictable and variable action.
This is exactly the panic action that small fish show when encountering a feeding fish eater. The FX9's high-response setting with its "center-of-gravity dispersion mount" produces a "screw rolling" action on a straight retrieve, with a high-speed flickering S-stroke action. When the retrieve is stopped, it rises up and escapes with its head up.
The FX9 is a secret bait developed to make spooky monsters bite in a single stroke, with its infinite action, "long-range attack" + "realism" + "bite size" as the keys.