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Condition: Unused
Length: 110mm
Weight: 21g / 29g
Type: Sinking

Developed as a "versatile sinking pencil" that can be used with confidence in a variety of situations, regardless of the target fish. The most distinctive feature is the vertically oriented swimming plate on the front of the head.

(1) Startability of the action
(2) Stability during the swim
(3) Appropriate swim resistance that makes it easy to find the right amount of control

The above three items have been achieved. Equipped with a unique center-of-gravity shift that brings out long distance castability. In addition, two types of weight models are available to adjust to the target fish. Enjoy the outstanding fishing results of the systematic sinking pencil, Genma.
The 21g model provides a shimmering action in currents and tides.
The 29g model has excellent casting distance, bottom sensitivity, and range controllability. Also good for flat fish.

"Swimming plate" to bring out the performance of the lure

Improved action initiation and stability. Appropriate swim resistance for improved control.

Weighting System

The unique center-of-gravity shifting system, which creates an exquisite trajectory, provides both flying distance and action initiation.