GH HARUZEMI Great Hunting

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Condition: New
Length: 24mm
Weight: 1.5g
Type: Floating

Dry fly fishing is complete with this lure !

At only about 2 cm in length, the GH HARUZEMI is the world's smallest insect lure. In dry fly fishing, trout will not bite if the fly is out of the drift zone, but the GH HARUZEMI can be drifted slightly off course and still produce a "high pitch wave" by itself with a slight line tension. The way trout chase and attack the GH HARUZEMI from far away from the spot is simply spectacular. In our early summer testing, the GH HARUZEMI demonstrated overwhelming insect feeding that radically overturned conventional dry fly fishing and minnow fishing with lures. Even in the slack area trout game, the GH HARUZEMI has a special stimulus that forces neutral trout to become surface feeders. The GH HARUZEMI is finally establishing a topwater game in mountain streams.

A true insect, the world's smallest wing lure.

Equipped with a custom-made thin-shaft W hook to hook even the weakest bites.