GORHAM 147F SW Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 147mm
Weight: 45g
Type: Floating

Revolutionary joint bait, GORHAM, is born !

GORHAM 147F SW is a new dimension of jointed wake minnow with twin spark LBO (PAT.). The impact emitted from the voluminous and highly appealing body directly stimulates the predatory instincts of monster fish. It shows overwhelming catching power in big bait patterns that prey on large baits such as sardines, mullet, and whitebait. In addition to the supple tail swing of the jointed body, which is similar to that of a real bait, the rolling action produces a strong flashing action and the screw drive produces a powerful agitating current and undertow that boldly appeals to the target fish. Even in neutral conditions such as calm or dead calm, this is a rare feeding bait that turns the target into an active feeding fish and explodes on the surface of the water.

The Twin Spark LBO (PAT.) is equipped with LBO II on both sides of the connected body, and the casting impact caused by the instantaneous shift of the center of gravity of the two LBO produces an astonishing propulsive force, realizing a super long distance game that defies the conventional wisdom of jointed lures. Furthermore, the two LBOs are synchronized to immediately start action the moment you put your hand on the reel handle. The coaxial and synchronized weight mount produces excellent action stability without any breakdown even in rough water.

The natural tail swing of the jointed body, the flashing action of the rolling action coaxialized and synchronized with the Twin Spark LBO, and the synergistic effects of the agitating water current and undertow generated on the water surface produce an overwhelming feeding impact.