Great Hunting GH120

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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Floating

Dynamic performance that defies the conventional wisdom of injection minnows !

The GH120 is a slim minnow that has finally awakened in response to strong demand from trout game experts.
The super-slim body has been dieted down to the limit, and the extremely small tip bill has been designed to minimize retrieve resistance so that it can detect the subtle chasing bite of tough trout, producing a supple tight pitch roll action even on dead slow retrieves or in low water pressure conditions. The bright, ultra-fine ley lines (flickering light lines), just like those of real wakasagi, produce an astonishing hit rate with migratory trout.
The newly developed "triple center-of-gravity shifting system," which includes a specially equipped high specific gravity tungsten weight inside the slim, lightweight body, provides an unbelievable level of long castability for a slim minnow. The GH120 thoroughly expands anglers' opportunities to catch fish, such as shooting rises in the distance under headwinds or on the shoulder of the opposite bank of a stream, which slender minnows have had difficulty with in the past. The GH120 boldly triggers the bite of big trout lurking in the rod-free areas of vast lakes and rivers, which until now have remained long darting action. This is a professional-grade cyber slim minnow.