Great Hunting GH52 BAT A FRY

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Condition: New
Length: 52mm
Weight: 8.5g
Type: Fast Sinking

Dance like a butterfly and sting with a single blow !

The GREAT HUNTING "BAT A FRY" series overturns the standard for mountain stream minnows, realizing an overwhelmingly high mass in an ultra-small, ultra-slim body. It is an ultra heavy sinking minnow from another dimension. Unlike conventional sinking minnows, this ultra-high specific gravity body can move aggressively and reach the bottom of rapids instantly. It is possible to directly develop all kinds of reaction approaches that will surely awaken cunning big trout, such as an up-rise retrieve that quickly rises up from the bottom and a tricky action that makes heavy use of twitching. The unique body shape, which is based on feedback from our original hydrodynamics, produces an overwhelming flicker of light. The offset bill reliably grabs water of all current velocities, and the action is agile enough to start up instantly even in upcrossing torrents. The "BAT A FRY"s unique, sharp, high-pitch roll action, which dances with intensity and vividness, awakens the impregnable queen from her deep slumber.