Unused HALIBUT 90

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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 90mm
Weight: 27g
Type: Sinking

The final weapon against flounder !

Halibut 90 is a heavyweight minnow developed mainly for flounder game in surf and estuaries. Its body shape, which eliminates air resistance as much as possible and pursues a stable flight posture, achieves super long casting performance. It enables an amazing super long distance cast, allowing anglers to hit points they have been unable to attack so far. The body shape is realistic, with a silhouette as close as possible to that of sardines, which are the main bait. This lure is extremely effective at points where conventional lures have been overlooked. The uniquely shaped lip of the Halibut 90 produces a highly appealing wobble-and-roll action. It maintains a stable swim posture while appealing to a wide range of fish.
It turns on the feeding switch of flounder and brings them to bite.

The unique fan-shaped lip shape produces a highly appealing wobble-and-roll action.

The realistic silhouette imitating a sardine brings clever fish to bite.