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Special painting by an artisan with the latest Megabass fine art finish.
We carefully selected the most popular baitfish that are preyed upon by fish eateries in the ocean. Please don't miss out on these special products!

Fine Art Finish
The latest method of fine art finishing is a masterful special painting by Megabass Factory's master craftsmen.
Optimized for sculptural detail, the extreme Art Paint is a unique, life-like, artistic, high-value finish with a unique blend of light and color. All paint bases are GG (Guanium Ghost). The shine of the guanium, carefully selected to match the coloration, enhances the strong flashing and reality effect in conjunction with the lure action, contributing to an increase in the number of bites.

I-SLIDE 185SW (Floating)
The I-SLIDE 185 SW is a special plug for targeting lunker seabass that feed on large bait fish such as white tip, sappas and mullet.
Its presence and extremely natural S-shaped slalom action, which is different from conventional seabass lures, is very effective under the conditions where it is difficult to respond to regular size plugs and induces a big bite.
The floating type can be adjusted to the shallow range when the range of the bait is moving up to the surface or when the bait fish are feeding on large bait fish in shallow water. By adjusting the weighting, you can use the lure for a variety of approaches, such as drifting or dead sticking, as well as retrieving and twitching.
A monster hunting model for anglers who are chasing big fish.

The KONOSIRUS SHAD is a specialized plug that targets fish that feed on large bait. Experienced anglers should be able to imagine the impressive performance that can be expected from the large, flat, 150mm body. The body size and silhouette are modeled after konoshiro (dotted gizzard shad). The KONOSIRUS SHAD uses its overwhelming impact to approach lunker sea bass and other large fish that don’t respond to regular sized lures. The reduced front profile of the crank bill allows the large body to be retrieved with only a small amount of resistance. The over 20g of high-density weights in the belly shift to the rear of the body during casting generating overwhelming castability. During swimming they immediately return to position to lend their weight to sharp rolls and vivid flashing action. This triggers fish eaters that are waiting for opportunities around schools of konoshiro or lurking in the deeper ranges waiting to feed. Please experience the devastatingly alluring power that the KONOSIRUS SHAD has over selective big fish.

The KONOSIRUS SWIMMER is a special lipless bait that produces a low-resistance swimming action. While maintaining the same sculpted body as the KONOSIRUS SHAD, it has increased range coverage. It’s a model suited for fish with predatory patterns that target large bait around weeds and in shallow surf, as well as large fish-eaters that stick to schools of large bait. The pulling resistance is extremely light despite the big 150mm size, allowing for high-paced searching of wide areas. The outstanding hydrodynamics help to generate extremely natural rolling action and flashing. The KONOSIRUS SWIMMER will let you target schools of monster fish that devour large bait with its overwhelmingly natural presence.