i-SLIDE 187R Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 187mm
Weight: 2-1/4oz
Type: Floating / Intermidiate

The best "S" is finally completed !

The "R" stands for Revolution. The i-SLIDE 187R is a revolutionary model that allows anyone to easily create a sharp S-stroke action even with rough rod control. It has an impressive stability to catch water even in currents such as rivers and backwaters, and always maintains a stable action.
Twitching and slow and fast retrieves produce underwater dogwalks and continuous turns that are faithful to the angler's image. The "R" Revolution model offers a direct feel that allows the angler to clearly perceive the action behavior even in muddy water. This model offers much greater adjustability to a variety of fields and conditions.

Floating Model
The responsive sliding action and agile slalom action, which instantly responds to retrieve movements, trigger active feeding. It can be tuned for a wide range of adjustability, such as suspending and sinking, by adjusting the hook and ring size and attaching tuning weights to the body according to the situation.

Intermidiate Model
The near-suspended specific gravity setting makes it appealing to slow monsters that seem to stay put. This model can be used for dead-sticking to produce baits drifting unprotected with no action, sliding action to instantly attract fish to stand up, slalom action in the middle range, and other technical presentations depending on the fish's reaction and the situation.