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Condition: New
Length: 57mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Suspend

This size will target fish in the over 4 meter range.
The first to overturn the common sense of small shad is the long-awaited "TX".

The goal of Katsutaka Imae and Yuki Ito was to bring out targets at depths of 4m or more with a small shad body measuring only 57mm. The "Micro LBO PAT.", a rare instantaneous center of gravity shifting system, is positioned to create a super forward leaning posture that is impossible with a normal ball center of gravity.
Ito designed the head so that the center of gravity is close to the joint between the lip and the body, with an ultra forward mount made possible by the ultra thin shaft with built-in bearings.
In a laboratory field test using 6lb. fluorocarbon, Ito succeeded in producing an amazing diving vector, giving the small shad with the big lip an impressive ultra-long flight. The fusion of outstanding aerodynamics and hydrodynamics has brought the IxI Shad to a new level of performance to hit deep fish. The ultimate solution of "Compact & Reality" is here.